Here are a selection of comments from parents/stakeholder's etc, about Enterprise Learning Alliance:

Thanks so much to all at the PRU. Amazing support and inspiring teachers across the board. At first a humbling experience for my child, however because of the incredible people at the PRU its been life chaging for him.

Staff’s patience is commendable, School and staff are excellent, Very happy with staff.


Since ***** started at the centre we have seen a big difference in our son, the centre offer him the support that he needs they are very caring and calm with him but also firm. ***** struggled so much before, the staff are doing a great job with him and I can’t thank them enough very supportive with us as a family to.


Vast improvements very happy. Always on the phone communicating with the centre, its great.


Thank you in particular to Mr Farmer for his support and time.


Really very happy with the school and staff. Westwood Centre has helped him achieve as best as he can. *** gets great support from the staff in school.


*****’s progress in her time here has been great, she’s happy, enjoying school and in much more positive overall, Thank you.


****** is doing so well here, and she is pushing for a better future for herself.


***** has done well at the Westwood centre, they have helped him to achieve as well as he could here.


The staff communicate with me very well, I am grateful for all the support they have given ***** and I, Thank you.


**** has moved forward since being here.


*****’s a lot better than I could of hoped or expected.


There is good progress and strategy for targets in place.


The parental days was very useful, we feel that the school are very good with their communication and ourselves.


I feel that the school communicates well, and celebrates all ******’s progress well.


***** has improved a lot this term, and we have seen a positive attitude with him at home as well.


The parental meeting has given me an insight into ****’s school work and area’s he needs to improve.